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General Services

Organization for Family Improvement (OFI) provides a variety of services, including:

  • Family therapy

  • Individual therapy

  • Children and adolescents therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Family life education

  • Parenting education

  • Parenting classes

  • Domestic violence individual

  • Domestic violence group

  • Anger management individual

  • Anger management group

  • Batterer Intervention (BIP)

  • Cultural education

  • Language and cultural interpretation

  • Follow- up services

  • Referral services

  • Navigation of Judicial System

Language and Cultural Services

Organization for Family Improvement (OFI) has qualified clinician that provide services in each client's language and culture. Following are the language and cultural services offered at OFI:


  • Cultural education

  • Language and cultural interpretation


Translation and Documentation Services:


  • Q’anjob’al

  • M’am 

  • Haitian Creole

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Services in Haitian Creole

  • Services in French

  • Services in Spanish

  • Availability for Q'anjobal and M'am 

  • Vietnames



Clinical Services

Clinical Services include:

  • Individual therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Children and adolescent therapy

  • Family life education

  • Parenting class and coaching

  • Domestic Violence intense group/ individual

  • Anger Management intense group/ individual

  • General Domestic Violence group

  • General Anger Management 




We offer services at;

  • Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay

  • Palm Beach offices

  • In-home

  • Office

  • Schools

  • Community

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